Gems of Masonry

Gems of Masonry; Emblematic & Descriptive

A perusal of the elegant and impressive matter contained in this little volume, will naturally prompt the inquiry, to whom is the Fraternity indebted for this collection of gems? Every page of this book challenges the admiration of the reader. The first sentence in it is a lecture, a sermon, a whole volume of suggestive, condensed thought. For extracts of abounding power and loveliness, read those on pages 3, 5, 8, 10 and nearly every other. The emblems, cuts and pictorial matter are entirely that of the author, agreeing in arrangement with his Carpets of the first nine Degrees, so long and so thoroughly approbated by the highest judicatures of Freemasonry, and enabling the intelligent reader to elucidate Masonic ceremonies and doctrines as with the light of a noonday sun.

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