Orge Kalodimas

April 27, 2017

Orge Kalodimas is a tattoo artist, based in Athens-Greece. Started as Sake’s apprentice in 2005, he got into geometric art and tattooing in 2008.
In 2013 he sta rt STC Publishing focusing on the art of the members of Sake Tattoo Crew.
He is world renowned for his spiritual mandalas and his Solstice Mandala book : a book based on his six month project, design a madala everyday for an entire solstice. He has also publish the Diverse Geometry sketchbook and many limited edition screenprints.
Blending organic patterns, skulls and deities, mostly influenced by religion, art and culture. From Tibetan to Christian, he studies symbols and meanings, and delivers it on his large scale creations.
orge kalodimas sake
Orge Kalodimas travels the world in tattoo conventions and guest spots, focusing on Sacred Geometry art.
Loyal member of the Sake Tattoo Crew idea, he believes in constant study and hardwork.



185 page ebook.The Solstice circle or the unstoppable circle of life. This is what inspired Orge Kalodimas to design one mandala per day for 184 days, paying tribute to the solstice. He spent every day for 6 months designing a new mandalas inspired by religion, nature and sacred geometry.

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