Trekell Greg Simkins Brushes

Custom brush set by Trekell artist, Greg "Craola" Simkins. Set includes 10 golden taklon brushes on white handles with turquoise stripes and print.  Each set come with a sticker designed by the artist.

"With this set, I wanted to combine the brushes I use on a daily basis for the fine detail work that goes into each painting. Each one serves its purpose, be it setting down a line, pulling it smooth, or blending a brush stroke. As with the first edition, we have the #5/0 and #2 rounds for laying in tiny specific detail, the #8 round and #4 filbert for pulling those details and shaping the paint where I want it to go, and finally the #10 filbert and #20 flat for blending and softening areas to give that seamless look. I had these short handled brushes, #10 cat’s tongue and #5/0 liner, made specifically for the small detailed work I do. They provide the range of motion that I like. Also included is a ¼” dagger brush. This brush can be used for many things, but what I like to use it for the most is lettering. It provides thick to thin pulls that I aspire to have in my letters. I have had a lot of freedom using these brushes which has allowed me to focus more on the content rather than struggle with my tools. And now we are adding to the set again.

This time included with all the rendering brushes is the ½” grainer brush. This brush has varied bristle lengths that are great for making fur, grass and textures.

Have a great time with this set and be sure to check out all the other Trekell brushes and products on their site to make your paintings come out perfect."