Illustrated Monthly

So here it is again, that time of year! I’m excited to announce that once again, you’ll find me working the Frith Street Tattoo booth at the one and only London tattoo convention.

As of now, I will only be working the Friday and Saturday, I only have space for a very small handful of appointments so the cooler, more easy going your tattoo design request is, the more likely I will pick it.

As usual, I’m looking to do traditional subjects, whether black & grey or colour. The more classic, the better! No lower backs, back of thighs, ribs or chest or any other difficult-to-tattoo areas of the body, my back won’t like it and I simply won’t have the space to lie customers down in the booth.

I look forward to tattooing you and if I find out I got time on the Sunday expect another blog post/twitter update. I will also have signed prints, flash sets, stickers, and hopefully original paintings for sale. Thank you for taking time to read this and see you all at the convention!





Written by Shopify API — June 14, 2013